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Create intelligent chatbots powered by AI and NLP. Without any coding or technical knowledge to converse with your customers, employees and prospects.

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What is DxBots.AI?

DxBots.AI is the best Chatbot building platform for businesses. It takes just a few minutes to build a Chatbot automatically with no coding or programming skills and powered by AI, NLP, and NLU. The platform is available on 8+ different platforms such as Web, Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, WordPress, iOS, Android, and Alexa. DxBots.AI offers a rich experience for lead generation, Live Chat Support, and Quick inquiries, Appointments, Feedback, and suggestions for your business.


Enhance employee productivity


Increase in Digital Engagement


Provides Customer Satisfaction


Reduction in Customer support cost

Use Cases

Health Care






Amazing Features

Build Loyalty and increase satisfaction

With easy arrangement on all platforms and devices, Dxbot can reduce the users waiting time. Individuals can find quick solutions to regular inquiries and get a personalised customer service experience.

Close More Deals, Save Money

Dxbot effectively communicates with pre-qualified leads, quickly handovers the deals through the pipeline, book meeting and associate your business with the best leads progressively.

Instant Email Follow Ups

Got disengaged with your target audience? Let Dxbot send the email response right away. You won't need to search for email address, every data is directly in front of you.

Multi-platform Support

Major platforms supported are Web, Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, WordPress, iOS, Android, and Alexa a list of platforms where you can build conversational bots.

FAQ Builder

Stop creating manual FAQ's. It’s hectic and waste of time. Feed DxBots.AI the insight overall. Submit documents that contain the complete set in composed language and watch Dxbot become familiar with the subject in a flash.

Human Takeover and LiveChat

Capability to stop bot conversations and take over a chat with a user mid-stream. You can likewise utilise DxBots.AI as an undeniable live chat platform with the additional advantage of unassisted mode driven by NLP intelligence (AI)

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